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“Draktsho East” which started on 22nd April, 2010 in Rongthung, in Tashigang District, is the first branch of Draktsho. Some of the objectives of establishing the branch in the East is to replicate the activities of Draktsho in the most populated districts of the country. And according to the 2005 Housing and Population Census the second highest population of people with disabilities come from the eastern part of Bhutan. Seizing the opportunity to offer Draktsho’s services to all the children and youth with disabilities in the Eastern District, the branch was set up.

The second important reason is that the majority of the children come from disadvantaged families.

As envisioned in the long term objectives of Drak Tsho and in it’s master plan, Drak- Tsho will always endeavor to reach out its services to as many beneficiaries as possible. Drak Tsho also believes in ensuring the regional balance in terms of opportunities. Therefore as the eastern Bhutan contributes to a major portion of the country’s population and it can be also inferred that the disability population will be substantial in the eastern Bhutan. It is due to these facts, the first branch of Drak Tsho is set up in the East, which will be followed up in due course of time by setting up similar branches in other regions of the country. The branch is named as ‘Drak Tsho East’.

The objective of this project is to take the services of Draktsho nearer to children and youth with disabilities of the Eastern part of the country in preparing them to lead independent, confident and happy life by providing education, life skills, vocational skill training and rehabilitation facilities.

Contact Person : 
Mr.Karma Garab Dorji,
East Centre, Rongthung
Tashigang Bhutan

Phone: 04-535247, Mob: 17615031
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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