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Persons with Disabilities in Bhutan will actively and equitably participate in socio-economic development of the country and live a fulfilling life.

To ensure young Persons with Disabilities in Bhutan have quality opportunities for developing skills for life and vocation, and for becoming self-reliant, make a living and lead a contended life overcoming barrier created by gender or other differences.


  1. Draktsho will be a center of excellence in Bhutan providing state of the art training and supportive services for vocational training, employment and quality living for persons with disabilities.
  2. Draktsho will work with all different kinds of special needs, with special focus on persons with intellectual impairments.
  3. Draktsho will be proactive in promoting equal work opportunities for persons with special needs keeping in view of employment scenario for youth in Bhutan.
  4. Draktsho will be a model activity-based program, generating concepts and methods for promoting employment for persons with special needs which can be adopted by similar services in urban and rural areas of Bhutan.
  5. Draktsho will develop as a facilitator and a technical resource base for promoting employment of persons with special needs.


  1. To provide training in  life skills, basic literacy and numeracy to persons with special needs for enabling them to cope with their daily life needs in present and future
  2. To equip trainees with special needs with vocational and work skills as preparation for sheltered, open or self-employment
  3. To facilitate the trainees with special needs secure work with dignity
  4. To initiate dialogue, build collaborations and networks with different stakeholders (government, industry, institutions etc) for actively promoting equal opportunities for people with special needs
  5. To organize parent support and community outreach program for raising awareness and generating support for inclusion of persons with special needs
  6. To conduct training, research and documentation for building human resources, supporting innovative actions and generating resource material and data for supporting quality services and advocacy