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Since its inception, Draktsho always aimed at achieving self-sustainability and therefore tried to practice self-sustenance as a policy.

However, Draktsho is still far away from this goal though the official recognition and registration as Bhutan based civil society organization, (CSOA/PBO-07), audited annually by government auditors will certainly help. Our efforts to raise funds need enormous further strengthening and any support to professional fundraising and marketing would be most welcomed – as well as direct donations or scholarships for our students.

A fine example was set on 7, November 2010 when a five-year old girl and an 85 year old woman where among the 300 participants who walked the 5 km from Buddha Point to Changlimethang in Thimphu to raise funds for Draktsho. The walk was led by Draktsho’s Good Will Ambassador Mr Kelly Dorji, model turned actor, who is an inspiration to the youth of Bhutan. 150.000 Ngultrum (BTN) were raised through this occasion – approx. 3.325 USD.

A show room and sales counter has also been set up at Draktsho premises from where the visitors can buy. The government and private firms are being apprised about the availability of excellent gift items produced by the disabled adhering to strictest quality control. At present visitors to the Centre can purchase the following items made by Draktsho students:Besides the support line of our individual and institutional supporters, the other main source of income generation is through the sale of products made by the trainees during their training. The products are being sold at places where most of the tourists visit. One major venue and outlet would be the National Airport. Potential agencies will be informed about this facility in order to attract buyers.

  • Purses (ladies and gents)
  • Ladies’ hand bags (made from hand woven and machine made materials)
  • Magazine racks
  • Coin purses
  • Sports’ bags (hand woven and machine made)
  • Oven gloves
  • Aprons
  • Passport bags
  • Cushion covers
  • Camera covers
  • Diary cover
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Shaving cases
  • Covers for mobile phones
  • Pencil cases
  • Place mats
  • Miniature “Ghos” and “Kiras” (traditional Bhutanese dresses for men and women)
  • “Goray” (traditional door curtain)
  • “Thangkas” (wall hangings) of various types (embroidered and traditional painting)
  • Cards (hand painted/flower collage)
  • Book marks (hand painted/flower collage)
  • Miniature dolls (lucky charms)
  • Miniature carpentry items: Bhutanese houses, dzongs, photo frames, tooth picks, salt holders, trays, furniture, pencil/pen holders, ash trays
  • Hand woven “Kiras” and “Karas” (traditional Bhutanese dresses and belts for ladies)

Some remuneration is paid to students for making the products as this incentive motivates the students tremendously to train harder. The products made by the youths with disabilities are of high quality and quality control is strictly enhanced as only quality can sell.

Donations from abroad:

To donate and transfer money for Draktsho to its account with Bhutan National Bank in Thimphu from any place outside Bhutan and India, please route the transfer in USD currency through Bhutan’s National Bank account in New York:

1. Beneficiary Bank Bhutan National Bank Ltd.
P.O.Box 439
Thimphu, Bhutan
2. Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 358-202-171-9001 (USD A/C)
3. Bank Address (Correspondent Bank): Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.
One Madison Avenue, New York
NY 10010-3603
4. Ultimate Beneficiary: Draktsho
Account No. 00 000 423 400 12
at Bhutan National Bank, BNB, Thimphu Bhutan

Donors willing to contribute to the development of children and youth with disabilities can send the money to the above mentioned account in Bhutan. Their donations can make a huge difference to children/youth with disabilities and Draktsho’s services.