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IMG_4432Draktsho is currently housed in a rented building located above the old RICB, i.e. the Pension Colony in Thimphu. The facilities are not exactly tailor-made to suit the needs of children with different types of disabilities, which is one of the difficulties Draktsho is facing at present. Draktsho is quite adequately equipped with the basic tools and other necessary items and teaching aids to comfortably run the vocational and basic literacy programs.

The long-term aim of Draktsho is to own its own purpose-built building. His Majesty the King has granted already a piece of land for the construction of appropriate facilities to Draktsho and with the support of our many sponsors we do hope to construct a fitting building in the near future.

Expanding the services of Draktsho to other parts of Bhutan is one of the long term goals of Draktsho. The objective is to provide services to the most needy places and as per need base, Trashigang District (or Dzongkhag in Bhutanese) was found to be the most suitable place to establish the replication specially as it is the most eastern and most populous district in Bhutan and the percentage of people with disabilities is also one of the highest in Bhutan. Realizing the urgent need to offer development support programs to enhance the lives of the unfortunate children and youth with disabilities, Draktsho and its supporting partner Omega Foundation initiated the establishment of the first branch.


“Draktsho East” was established on 22nd April 2010 inRongthung, Kanglung in Trashigang Dzongkhag. The centre is managed by a small number of staff (6 staff only). The centre provides boarding facilities and accommodates in the meantime (10/2013) 74 students.