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Donations in cash and in kind have been received both from institutions in Bhutan and abroad as well as from individuals from Bhutan and abroad – and we will continue to honour these contributions by mentioning them on this homepage and in our annual report.

In its early years the Youth Development Fund has supported Draktsho in its core funding from 2001 till 2009. Institutionally, support also came from GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), through its GTZ-financed measures, for various capacity building programs such as sponsoring staff training in India and study tours to India, and also by fielding expatriate experts to train the teachers on the job. Save the Children USA supported the drafting of the Master Plan for Draktsho in 2005 and Ms. Peretti Nando of Peretti Nando Foundation has donated a Toyota Hiace Mini-Bus, which is being used to transport the children to and from the Centre.

These initial institutional supports followed – among other institutional supporters – further support by eminent institutions like JICA of Japan, Helvetas and Elysium Foundation of Switzerland, the Omega Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, New York.

Moreover, the encouraging support and the donations in cash and kind from individuals from Bhutan and abroad is a further source of our strength as these individuals will keep Draktsho alive.

By and large, Draktsho has been meeting its other miscellaneous cost through the revenue generated by selling its products, and through specific fund raising programs.

Draktsho Partners 2017

Name/Organizations Amount(NU.) Remarks
Opening Your Heart to Bhutan 4,701,203.00 Construction (Draktsho East)
Embassy of Japan 5,157,655.00 Construction (Draktsho East)
Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany 1,392,158.00 Construction (Draktsho East)
Save the Children Bhutan 1,312,490.00 Project
UNICEF 312,000.00 Project
Austrian Cordination Office 734,925.00 Project
Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation 1,652,900.00 Project
Australian High Commission 1,124,575.00 Project
Bhutan Foundation 333,350.00 Donation
Rainbow tours and treks 100,000.00 Donation
PHPA II 100,000.00 Donation
Saito 28,620.00 Donation
India Bhutan Foundation 320,000.00 Donation
Tara Motors Pvt ltd 11,000.00 Donation
Mr. Kinley Wangdi 300,000.00 Donation
Big Bakery 500,000.00 Donation
Sonam 50,000.00 Donation
B.L.Gurung 5,000.00 Donation
Choki Dorji 13,500.00 Donation
DHI 617,400.00 Donation
DGPC 30,000.00 Donation
Lhamo Dorji 20,000.00 Donation
Scan Café Pvt Ltd 30,000.00 Donation
Choni Lham Dorji 5,000.00 Donation
Sabha Bhutan 5,000.00 Donation
Sonam Tshongkhang 80,000.00 Donation
Pema Euden 17,250.00 Donation
Kelki HSS 35,163.00 Donation
Sonam Choden 7,200.00 Donation

Draktsho Pledged partners 2017

Name/Organizations Amount(NU.) Remarks
Aum Dechen Jamyang 150,000.00 Donation
Rinchen HSS 50,000.00 Donation
Kia Motors 40,000.00 Donation
Ashi Sonam 100,000.00 Donation
Dasho S.T. 60,000.00 Donation
Aoki San 30,000.00 Donation