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As the demand for services provided by Draktsho grows exponentially each year we are acutely aware of the need to secure funding to assist with the educational and training costs of our program. Running our program takes a dedicated group of experienced teachers, administrators, as well as training equipments, food and raw materials for making the products. In order to make Draktsho’s activities effective and beneficial to the special children/youth, we are incorporating a Godparent system within our programs with the kind and generous support from those who wish to contribute and be part of Draktsho’s family.

As Godparent you support for their education, vocational training, life and social skills, sports and food costs. Presently there are 130 students in total. 57 students are based in Thimphu, while 73 students are based at Tashigang(Rongthong) the students of Tashigang are provided with food and boarding facilities.

Please download and fill in the form for registration for ‘God Parent’ Support.

Contact Person : 
Ms. Deki Zam,
Email :  [email protected]
Phone : +975 77 27 31 44