Draktsho have identified the following areas for possible support. The areas are sequenced in order of priority.

Support to Draktsho’s Trust Fund

Draktsho has evolved into a Civil Society Organization (CSO) in 2010. While doing so, the achievement of financial self-reliance is a key pre-requisite. In this regard, we are planning to build up a trust fund to ensure sustainable funding. Therefore, we like to propose you to be one of our funding patrons. We would appreciate for your kind and generous support in this regard. Your contribution will go a long way in building a Trust Fund.

Supporting building construction:

Currently, the center is housed in a rented private property, paying high rental charges due to housing shortages. Besides inadequate facilities, the building is also not suitable for children/youth with disabilities. The tenants are always at the mercy of the house owners who go on increasing the rent.  Draktsho is seeking financial support to build appropriate building infrastructures for Thimphu.

Supporting the production unit:

Draktsho has a production unit to generate fund to sustain its activities. Ten graduates of Draktsho now work as paid staff in the production unit. As Draktsho is low on financial resources, we are looking for financial support to sustain the new unit. This unit will ensure a steady and sustainable source of funding for future sustainability.  Each student is paid   Nu. 8,000.00 = USD 134.00 per month and Nu.96, 000.00 = USD 1,600.00 per year.

Supporting the maintenance or running cost of the centre: Nu. 81,00,000 = USD 126,562.5 annual expenditure, any amount would be appreciate.

You may also make donations as you please in cash, in kind and others. It can be one time, for life or for others.


Contact Person : 
Ms. Deki Zam,
Email :  [email protected]
Phone : +975 77 27 31 44